BlogSnapshot 1.0 released

August 22, 2005 – 12:00 am

As you might gues from the picture above with the BlogSnapshot-Midlet you can easily post blog entries with a snapshot to your sphpblog powered website.

All you need is a java-enabled cellular phone (MIDP-2.0, MMAPI) and the corresponding upload-script for your sphpblog which you have to rename to add_mopost.php and put it on your web-server into the top-directory of your sphpblog-installation.

After installing the Midlet on your phone or handheld go to the settings dialog and set the Blog-URL, User, Password fields accordingly.



Just send the JAR-file via IR, Bluetooth or a datacable to your cell phone or handheld.

(OTA installation has not been tested yet)

Successfully tested on

  • Sony Ericsson k700i/R2A041
  • Sony Ericsson k750


  • Version 1.0: Initial version, might be buggy;-) but it works as you can see on my previous posts…

Sites using BlogSnapshot

If you are also using BlogSnapshot please contact me to be added to this list…

  1. 20 Responses to “BlogSnapshot 1.0 released”

  2. thanks for this nice app. it is really useful!!!

    By john on Sep 15, 2005

  3. did anyone try this with SE T630 or knows if it will work? Mine just says invalid application :(

    By ulf on Sep 29, 2005

  4. I have not tried it, but the T630 only supports MIDP1.0

    BlogSnapshot needs an MIDP2.0-capable device….

    By Andreas on Sep 29, 2005

  5. Hi Andreas,

    erstmal nen schönen Gruss aus deiner Nähe (Paderborn).

    also ich find ja deine Java-progs spitze. Hatte schon vor einigen Wochen die von dir geschriebene Bible-Aplikation auf mein K750 installiert.

    Da ich auch so langsam auf sphpblog umsteigen will (freunde von mir benutzen den seid geraumer Zeit erfolgreich), hab ich auch dein Blogsnapshot getestet.

    Leider funzt es bei mir aber nicht. habe es dann heute auch mit einem K700 getestet und es war auch nicht erfolgreich.

    habe folgende Daten in den Settings eingegeben:


    User: (meinAdminusernamen)

    passwort: (meinadminpasswort)

    aber Blogsnapshot bleibt immer bei 1% stehen und meldet "Authenticating (meinAdminusernamen)"

    Hast du eine Idee, woran das liegen kann? (Ach ja, bin bei O2)



    By Ewald on Oct 2, 2005

  6. Hhhm, der Beschreibung nach zu urteilen, scheint keine GPRS-Verbindung zustande zu kommen,

    wobei in diesem Fall jedoch eine Fehlermeldung angezeigt werden sollte.

    Ich bin auch bei o2 und habe nichts weiter gemacht, als in den Verbindungseinstellungen (Datenübertragung, Internet-Profile) "o2 Internet GPRS" festgelegt.

    Ansonsten habe ich es auf meinem Blog gerade nochmal ausprobiert. Es funktioniert!

    Vorausgesetzt Du kannst auch "ganz normal" über das Web-Interface bloggen,

    d.h. der www-user hat Schreibrechte in den Verzeichnissen /content (und /images)

    By Andreas on Oct 3, 2005

  7. Wonderful app.. Thankyou =)

    Any chance of having the option to just upload text, and no photo?

    By Mike Tyson on Oct 4, 2005

  8. I am sorry, currently there is no chance to blog without a snapshot.

    If I have some spare time in the near future I will implement this option.

    By Andreas on Oct 4, 2005

  9. @ Ewald:

    I just tried the app on my SE K700i and it works fine. Try to add an extra "/" at the end of your blogaddress, zo it looks like "".

    @ Andreas:

    As you can read above it is working fine for me, although it seems the SNAP isn't taken directly as you hit the button. Furthermore it took me about 2 minutes to find out I have to press "more - send" to commit the blogtext instead of "OK" like in a regular sms.

    If you want you can add me as an user of your app, (the site is in Dutch).

    By GK on Oct 13, 2005

  10. The application should recognize whether there is an "/" at the and of the Blog-URL or not. So this failure

    can be excluded.

    Yes, the Snapshot is not taken immedialy but this is a general problem I cannot influence from the Java-App. The question "May the app take a snapshot?" bothers too…although you set the appropriate java-rights…

    Sorry, that you had to search so long for the "Send"-Button. It is because the "Send"-softbutton is placed among the other softbuttons like "Add symbol, Edit Word, etc." I will try to attach a Listener to the OK-button so the app will be more userfriendly.

    If you are familiar to J2ME-Programming you can also download the sourcecode and try to improve by your own;-)

    By Andreas on Oct 14, 2005

  11. Hi,

    i'm curious that, why the photos you uploaded here are in landscape mode, but the photos I took and uploaded in my blog are in portrait mode?

    i'm using K750i, isn't it the reason for such thing happened? it would be nice if i can choose landscape mode or portrait mode before taking the photos…

    BTW, great app, and very useful!! many thanks!! and waiting for your next release! :)

    tommy from hongkong.

    By tommy on Oct 21, 2005

  12. Yes, you're right. The reason why your pictures are in portrait mode is actually the k750i-th implementation of the J2ME MMAPI. At the moment I don't know if it is possible to influence this from within the J2ME-app - but I think not. Hopefully the next generation of (SonyEricssons) cellphones will allow to do that, plus zooming, using the flashlight, etc (from the java-app).

    Further disappointment to you: Currently I am working/writing on my diploma thesis and so I won't have much time to spent on my private projects. Sorry.;-)

    By Andreas on Oct 21, 2005

  13. Hi Andreas,

    Thanks for your prompt reply!! Good luck on your study!!


    By tommy on Oct 21, 2005

  14. hi there. i am using a siemens M65 (MIDP 2.0) using my admin username and password with the url ending /.

    both files installed on my phone, php in the blog root. yet i get the 'error exception occured: error reading data'. does this look common to anyone? or do you think the M65 is a no go. Thanks for the Help anyway. keep up the good work.


    By os on Nov 7, 2005

  15. Hi,

    I'm sorry but such an exception has never occured to me yet.

    Does the GPRS connection work with other midlets? Maybe it it's up to the connection settings…

    Another option could be that you are doing a redirect e.g from http://www. to

    In that case it would not work if only specify http://www. as Blog-URL. BlogSnapshot does not handle redirects for now..

    By Andreas on Nov 7, 2005

  16. Hallo Andreas!

    Ich wollte mir grade BlogSnapshot auf meinem Motorola v3 Razr installieren. Wenn ich die Applikation auf dem Handy starte, erscheint die Meldung "Sorry, your device does not support video capturing!" - einem Blick in den Quellcode zu Folge kann er also die Kamera nicht richtig initialisieren. Hast du irgendeinen Hinweis was man da machen kann?


    P.S: Ansonsten natürlich *thumbsup* für die coole Idee, so eine App zu schreiben.

    By MissM@rple on Nov 11, 2005

  17. Hi there! the idea of this application is very cool thanks for this!

    Anyway i'm getting an error when sending image.

    I have sony z1010 and my configuration seems to be correct :

    url :

    user : user

    pass : pass

    When i upload it will give the error


    "exception occured : null"

    It is my fault on configuration? My cell is not supported??

    Thanks Bye,


    By Roberto on Nov 21, 2005

  18. I have never tested the app with SE z1010, but as the specification on j2mepolish shows

    it should be supported ( , MIDP-2.0. MMAPI)

    It's really surprising that such a meaningfull Exception is thrown;-)

    In most cases the failure comes from wrong connection settings of the cellphone.

    Does the internet connection work with other midlets?

    If not yet tested you maybe should try to play around with

    the connection configuration, setting it to something like "internet GPRS" or so.

    And of course the add_mopost.php script must be uploaded into the root-dir

    of your sphpblog-installation…

    No ideas else.

    By Andreas on Nov 21, 2005

  19. Hi

    is it possible to change the picture size which is uploaded? 160 x 120 is to small.

    640×480 or bigger would be better.

    By Martin on Jul 1, 2006

  20. Setting the image size is currently only supported if you install BlogSnapshot on a Nokia device. If you install it on another device, the setting won't available in the midlet….

    I have implemented it this way, because I have only an SE and a nokia device to test the midlet on:


    imgData = getVideoControl().getSnapshot( "encoding=jpeg&"+selectedImgDim.toString());


    imgData = getVideoControl().getSnapshot( null );


    If you are familiar with J2ME-Programming you may download the source code and try with the first version of the getSnapshot(...)-method on your device.

    Please give any feedback if it works and on which device(s).


    By Andreas on Jul 2, 2006

  21. Hi

    I recompiled the src without the "isNokiaDevice" and its running good on a Siemens S65 up to 640×480.

    The preview pics are buggy but the pics online are perfect.

    Above I have memory problems on the phone.

    By Martin on Jul 2, 2006

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