Download script for sphpblog pimped

August 22, 2005 – 12:00 am

As you probably have noticed I have pimped a download script for the sphpblog.

The installation is quite simple: just download

php/ (183) and unpack the content in your sphpblog’s installation directory.

Edit download.php and set the $download-variable to your desired download-directory. At least, don’t forget to provide a link to download.php. That’s it!

OK, not really:-( There is one drawback: everytime you provide new files in your download-directory (works now also recursively!!!), you have to run download.php?act=update

More information on this and how to set the description-field can be found in the

php-comment-header of download.php

The original download-script comes from

The main improvements in short are:

- made this script “recursive capable” for the download directory

- case insensitive with the extensions

- pimped the layout, colors (are taken now from the blog configuration) and look!

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